Message from Editor in chief

The prime aim of any living individual is to attain peace and happiness. All the most minor acts to humans' biggest stunts are searching for these two elements only- peace and happiness. If we observe the kids around, they possess these two elements in abundances. They are so full of peace and happiness that sometimes, we (so-called mature) adults also envy them and secretly desires to be like that. Their playfulness, their endearing and wholehearted smiles, their babblings, their inquisitiveness; all these are so happy and peaceful. We, adult, like these elements. But why these playfulness and charm of childhood fade away in the process of growing up.

What makes life so dull and sometimes unbearable is the lack of training at the grass-root level. Teachers of pre-primary and primary schools are of great intelligence than those of higher education. They make the ground so fertile that any complex problems also get probable solutions. These teachers are the movers and shakers of the entire world. Often their orientations of life become the children's orientation of life. They possess so much power over these kids that research has quoted, "Often, teachers used to be in the dreams of the small kids regularly especially, pre-primary." Life is hard, and to make it bearable, we need to train our kids in that orientation. These can be done wonderfully by instilling values like consistency, discipline, empathy, communication, interpersonal intelligence. Here the role of teachers at the grassroots level is the most significant and highly needed. If a child learns how to control his/herself, he/she possesses the power to manipulate the variables and control others and different circumstances. In the culture of 'helicopter Mom and Dad', somehow, the idea of creating a disciplined child has been fading out. Parents initially coax their children up to the extreme and then try to impose discipline, which is highly insensible when it is too late. Teachers and parents both have to understand that instant gratification is the curse of the 21st century. Everybody wants instant fixes, instant solutions like instant noodles. To maintain peace and happiness for a lifetime (not only up to childhood), but teachers must also instill the famous words of Jim Rohn in the reference of every child in their reach: If you are tougher on yourself, life would be easier on you.

Dr. Jignesh B. Patel,
Chief Editor, Horizons of Holistic Education &
Associate Professor, Department of Education
Children’s University